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About Us

Here at Alpha Theta Nu, we’re more than a sorority – we’re a sisterhood. We’re a gathering of Christian women in business who come together to uplift, support, and grow with each other. Our community is about blending our spiritual faith with our business savvy, creating a space where you can prosper both in your wallet and in your walk with the Lord.

Our Mission

Inspired by the wisdom and enterprise of the Proverbs 31 woman, our mission here is to empower you in the business world. We’re building a haven where your personal growth, your business success, and your spiritual journey come together in beautiful harmony. We believe in nurturing a space where you can be your whole self – businesswoman and believer.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see you, a woman of God, standing strong in both your faith and your business, just like the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31:25. At Alpha Theta Nu, we’re creating a world where your spiritual path and your business ambitions walk hand in hand, leading you to become a leader of influence in your community and beyond.

Our Values

  • Faith and Fellowship: Rooted in our Christian beliefs, we cherish moments of spiritual growth and fellowship. Just like in Luke 1:45, we hold onto the promises of the Lord and uplift each other in faith.

  • Empowerment and Education: Taking a leaf from Lydia in Acts 16:14, we’re all about giving you the tools and knowledge you need to shine in the competitive business world.

  • Community and Collaboration: We’re a family here, sharing our journeys, building each other up, and celebrating our successes, just like in Proverbs 31:31.

  • Inclusivity and Inspiration: Remember Esther 4:14, babe? That’s us. We’re here to encourage each woman to embrace her God-given gifts and make a mark in her world.

Our Community

Alpha Theta Nu is where real women, from all walks of life, come together. We’re not about being ‘holier-than-thou’ – we’re about growing in grace, wisdom, and business know-how.

Our Programs and Events

We’ve got a whole array of programs and events designed just for you. Whether it’s business workshops, spiritual retreats, networking events, or mentorship opportunities – we’ve got you covered, ensuring you grow professionally and spiritually.

Come on and join this wonderful journey with Alpha Theta Nu. Connect with like-minded Christian women entrepreneurs, learn from the best, and grow in a place where faith and business are woven together. Let’s walk this path of prosperity and purpose together.


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