Welcome to Alpha Theta Nu where Christian women in business flourish together. We’re absolutely delighted you’re considering joining our sisterhood on this empowering journey. As we blossom in God’s love, we’re eagerly searching for vibrant souls who share our love for faith, fellowship, and professional brilliance.

Our openings are more than jobs; they’re golden tickets to making a difference in a spirited and caring community. Whether you’re a wizard in administration, a marketing maestro, an event planning superstar, or a mentoring guru, we have the perfect niche for you. Here, your talents aren’t just welcomed – they’re celebrated, creating ripples of joy and color in our sisterhood

Peek at our current job listings and find that special role that sings in harmony with your talents and heart. Each opportunity is a stepping stone to personal and spiritual growth, empowering leadership, and the chance to be an inspiration among peers. We journey together, nurturing the dreams and spiritual paths of Christian women in the business world, with lots of laughter and sisterly love along the way.

So, don’t hesitate! Take this exciting step and apply. Your unique skills and passion are just what we need at Alpha Theta Nu, where we transform individual potential into a tapestry of shared triumphs and giggles. Let’s grow, learn, and shine together in this Christ-centered adventure.”

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